You've found the best site where you can buy or sell your play money chips that you have on Pokerstars safe and easy. For current prices and more information go to either the sell chips or buy chips page, which ever one applies to you. Transactions are very easy and take only 5 minutes. Just fill out a brief form of your request and you will be connected with a live operator to perform the transaction in no time!

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Warning: Only Send Money Or Chips To These 2 PokerStars Accounts When Talking To Live Chat:  karlb187 Or drpvfraser. We have had a person acting as an employee of this store but they are not. Make sure to only do business with these poker accounts!


Sellers account's will be credited with Pokerstars REAL Money so you can start playing the real money tables, what do you have to lose?! For buyers, we prefer direct Pokerstars transfers. Before you go buying or selling check and see if we are online. I will try to have someone on for most of the day. Hope to hear from you soon!


  Normal Hours:
3:00 pm EST - 8:00 pm EST   Mon. - Fri.

We will also be on and offline during other hours.

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